Veil of Invisibility

2011 - present
Acrylic paint on museum postcards,
dimensions variable
[The British Museum Collection - Prints and Drawings]

My intervention on several postcards, adquired in museums and contemporary art centres, consists in partially concealing the artwork from the postcard with the use of paint. This removal is negative only in appearance, as, on the mechanically reproduced artwork, I add a layer of paint that turns the postcard into a unique object, difficulting its documentation through photography.

Its installation in the exhibition space aims to explore the current curatorial practices by involving curators to curate the piece every time is shown via a set of prepared guidelines.

Installation view of The Sleeping Procession, CASS Sculpture Foundation (Sussex, UK, 2017) 
Untitled Leg (2015) 14,8 x 10,5 cm.
Installation view of Latencia subvertida, Espacio Violenta (Guayaquil, Ecuardor, 2017) © Ricardo Bohórquez 
, DAVID´ (2015) 14,5 x 10,5 cm.
Installation views of In Quotes, Gerald Moore Gallery (London, UK, 2018)
Installation view of The Word Transformed, Carlos Garaicoa Open Studio 8.0 (Madrid, Spain, 2013) © Oak Taylor-Smith

Installation view of The World Exists To Be Put on a Postcard: Artists' postcards from 1960 to Now. The British Museum (London, UK, 2019)