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The Best Job in the World

Mixed-media installation
Dimensions variable

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Critical reviews:

El Confidencial. Abraham Rivera. 12/23.
El Cultural. Luisa Espino. 06/23.
Desatados, Radio 3. 06/23.
Letra Global, El Español. Ignacio Vidal-Folch.
ABC Cultural, ABC. Javier Díaz-Guardiola. 06/23.

Related books/ publications:

Cristina Garrido. El origen de las formas. Edited by Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (2024).
This project addresses an issue that is often invisible when talking about art and artists. The testimonies that we get to know, through art history and the media, are those associated with a certain success: creators whose hard work and perseverance were rewarded in the form of recognition – whether in life or posthumous. The story of the struggling artist is seductive –and often seen as heroic–, but it also hides the reality of those who are forced to abandon that desire to meet more mundane needs, care for others or as a result of a disenchantment with an art system that is not always pleasant.

This reflection led me to interview eight artists who were active in the Spanish contemporary art circuits since the eighties and who, at one point, decided or were forced to interrupt their artistic production and/or stop participating in the public artistic life: Esther Ibarrola, Alberto Sánchez, Antonio Zúñiga, Joaquín Villa, Luisa Redondo, Miguel Lorente, Sergio Ojeda and Jaume Alcalde.

The installation emulates a theatre stage that serves to represent their story. I edited their voices in an audio piece that is broadcasted through speakers hidden in the room. The selected objects, coming from our conversations, refer to historic moments, characters, or iconic pieces in art history, in dialogue with everyday objects that allude to a series of myths and obstacles that often interfere in an artistic career.

General installation views and details of the exhibition The Origin of Forms [El origen de las formas], Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo – CA2M (Móstoles, Madrid, 2023).  Images: Roberto Ruiz. Video documentation of a trip to Paris with my father. 8mm film transferred to digital format. 2’41”. Filmed by José Angel Garrido, 1992.