Best Booths

Pigement ink on Baryta paper, collage, perspex box,
29,7 x 42 cm.

In this work I place a series of gallery booths from prestigious art fairs – previously selected as “best booths” by platforms such as artnet or Artsy – in contemporary art institutions, by using the technique of collage.

This gesture contemplates the possibility of the gallery booth becoming a new artistic form – derived from the artistic installation – with its own autonomy in the near future.


Best Booths – Anton Kern Gallery, Art Basel Miami Beach 2012 / Hamburger Bahnhof
Best Booths – Gavin Brown´s Enterprise, Art Basel Miami Beach 2016 / Kunsthalle Basel

Best Booths – CANADA, Frieze London 2015 / Museo Jumex
Best Booths – Marian Goodman, FIAC 2016 / MoMA
Installation views of Boothworks (solo exhibition), The Goma (Madrid, Spain, 2017) © Roberto Ruiz
Best Booths – David Zwirner, Frieze London 2015 / DIA Foundation © Carlos Díaz Corona