Risk Management Paintings

Canvas and acrylic paint on wall; fruit; labels.
Dimensions variable.

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What is the necessary investment for a commercial gallery to present a small work under my authorship at an international art fair? How does this affect the artwork in circulation?

This series graphically reproduces the necessary investment for a specific gallery where I have exhibited to present a white monochrome, measuring 20 x 20 x 2 cm. – hung in the center of each painting – on several international art fairs. Formal in appearance – referencing Geometric Abstraction and Color Field Painting –, these site and dealerspecific paintings consider factors that, despite being independent of the artwork, end up altering its reception.

Each expense involved in presenting an artwork to a specific art fair was allocated a color: transport, application and booth fee, travel expenses for 2 gallerists to the city where the art fair takes place and hotel and per diem expenses. The concentric squares and the white canvas in the middle seek to put into play the financial, statistical and pictorial discourse. When displayed one next to the other, we can see how the variation of costs that each painting studies visually affects the perception of the white canvas in the centre.

The fruit labels on each of the canvases connect the trading of artworks with that of other commodities.
Press/ Texts:
· João Silvério, Glimpse. An Art of Microsenconds. Exhibition text. 3+1 Arte Contemporânea (2018).
· A Dominant Mode of Art Production (solo exhibition). Galería CURRO (Guadalajara, Mexico, 2018).
· An Art of Microsenconds
(solo exhibition). 3+1 Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, Portugal, 2018).

General installation views and details of the exhibition An Art of Microseconds, 3+1 Arte Contemporânea (Lisbon, Portugal, 2018). 
Risk Management Paintings - 3+1 Contemporary Art / ArteBA 2018 (2018) 91,68 x 91,68 cm.
Risk Management Paintings – 3+1 Contemporary Art / LISTE Basel 2018
(2018) 100,28 x 100,28 cm.
Risk Management Paintings – 3+1 Contemporary Art / Artissima 2018 (2018) 97,69 x 97,69 cm.
Risk Management Paintings – 3+1 Contemporary Art / The Armory Show 2018 (2018) 147,72 x 147,72 cm.
Images: João Ferro Martins.