Booth exhibitions are the institutions of our time

Single-channel digital video HD; color; sound; 16:9.

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Based on the ideas developed in my project Boothworks, I carried out this performance within the framework of ARCOMadrid art fair in the form of a guided tour to a small group of collectors.

Presenting myself as an art curator, expert in international booth art, I introduced the attendees to this relatively new art form and its history, analysing some examples. Thus, we looked at the art fair’s exhibition space as a museum, the works of the artists as ingredients of a greater totality – the booth – and the gallery owners as the ultimate authors of these ephemeral creations.

Press/ Texts:
· Joshua Decter, ‘Being Cristina Garrido’, Cristina Garrido. The Origin of Forms. Ed. Museo Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo (2024).

· Historia y misterio de una colección: MAC (group exhibition)Cur. Maria Ángeles Salvador Durántez. Serrería Belga (Madrid, Spain, 2022).
· Boothworks (solo exhibition). Cur. Francesco Giavieri. Museu d´Art Modern de la Diputació de Tarragona (Tarragona, Spain, 2023).

Selected Collections:
· Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Madrid.

Video and video stills.
ARCOMadrid 2020 map with preparatory notes for the performance.