An Unholy Alliance

2016 - present
Art magazines, glue,
dimensions variable

This work looks at art magazines and compares the number of pages devoted to advertising to the pages with textual and image content, creating a 3D graphic that formally visualizes the tension between two interdependent and often intertwined worlds.

The pages of each magazine are reconstructed into two spherical volumes in the manner of papier maché by shredding their paper, displayed horizontally next to the spine of each magazine.

CREDITS: Installation views of Un acuerdo tácito (solo exhibition), Casa Maauad (Mexico City, Mexico, 2016) © PJ Rountree
Installation views of A través de arena, CentroCentro (Madrid, Spain, 2020) © Lukasz Michalak
Installation view of A Thousand Roaring Beasts. Display devices for a critical modernity, Centro Andaluz de Arte Contemporáneo (CAAC) (Seville, Spain, 2017) © Pablo Ballesteros
An Unholy Alliance/ ARTFORUM, VOL.52, NO.9, May 2014
An Unholy Alliance/ frieze Nº. 188, June - July - August 2017 (2017) An Unholy Alliance/ ArtReview, October 2016 (2016)
An Unholy Alliance/ MOUSSE Magazine Nº49, Summer 2015 (2017)