Aerial photography does not create space but registers surfaces
2016 – 2018

Mixed-media installation.
Dimensions variable.

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This installation presents a series of photographic images on different media – such as canvas, paper, vinyl, fabric and moving image – displayed in a manner that resembles a contemporary art group exhibition.

The images belong to a collection of aerial views posted by international art curators on their Instagram accounts, that I gathered over a period of two years.

By this appropriation–through–exhibition, I aim to emphasize the role of the curator as a producer of images through shows, publications and other media, and seek to invert the established power roles between artist and curator.
Press/ Texts:
· Daniel Garza-Usabiaga, Cristina Garrido. A Tacit Agreement. Exhibition text. Casa Maauad (2016).

Related Publications:
· Cristina Garrido. The Best Job in the World. Ed. Fundación DIDAC (2022).
· Full House: One Space, Two Shows, 307 Artists, and 400 Pieces from the Frédéric de Goldschmidt Collection. Ed. Mercatorfonds (2022).

· A Tacit Agreement [Un acuerdo tácito] (solo exhibition). Casa Maauad (Mexico City, Mexico, 2016). 
· Aerial photography does not creat space but registers surfaces - 3rd Wandering Arts Biennial (solo exhibition). Cur. Maud Salembier. FdG Projects (Brussels, Belgium, 2018).
· Super Superlike (group exhibition). Cur. Marta Ramos-Yzquierdo, Enrique Radigales. Centro de Cultura Contemporánea Conde Duque (Madrid, Spain, 2021).

· Cloud Seven, Brussels.

General installation views and details of the exhibition Aerial photography does not creat space but registers surfaces - 3rd Wandering Arts Biennial. FdG Projects (Brussels, Belgium, 2018). Images: Hugard & Vanoverschelde.