They are these or the may be others

2014 - 2015
Acrylic paint on 21 laser prints on RC paper,
100 x 66 cm.
Digital memes

This work seeks to propose a critical and analytical view onto the transformation of ways of seeing art in the Digital Age and the implications these changes have in the production of art and exhibitions themselves. It also aims to question the processes that determine the commercial value of art and its legitimization.

The research involved in the project #JWIITMTESDSA? (Just what is it that makes today´s exhibitions so different, so appealing?) was the basis from which to create 21 staged photographic images, working alongside an art photographer. Each of them seeks to synthesize each of the formal categories found. The prints are then represented as Internet memes, through a textual intervention with paint that literally describes the name of each category, using the font Impact.

Digital versions of the series were posted on social networks.

Installation view of Camera Lucida, Das Weisse Haus (Vienna, Austria, 2019) © Enar de Dios Rodríguez
Installation views and details of They are these or they may be others (solo exhibition), 3+1 Contemporary Art (Lisbon, Portugal, 2015) © João Ferro Martins
Digital memes